Motion Control Rig used to capture various shades of interior walls with live action in the foreground.  The color spill on talent from walls gives another nuance of realism that sells the imagery.

Art and Commerce

It depends on the project, but we will say we understand the artistry of capturing captivating imagery, as well as knowing the strategic direction of holding demographics, tonality and product attributes in mind. We have worked with clients to develop strategies as well as have extensive experience in production, that very few can really say have both. At least none that know all the logistics in the finer points of production. And for that matter, post-production. It requires knowing all aspects of developing content to be able to meet the expectations and challenges of the job in order to do it well and better than most.

The main difference between traditional productions and ours steps on bidding jobs involves more team collaboration. In some cases, in past experience, traditional production companies negotiate the budget before talking to their director about their ideas on how they intend to execute a job. They never talk to a cinematographer who actually knows what is required before the job is awarded. By that time, you’re strapped or compromising. We have cinematographers on staff so we have what others don’t.

The process of finding a director by looking at their reel and not knowing what they need is counterintuitive to the process. If a director wants to add a Techno Crane, it’s another $10k, and most times they rely on a cinematographer to tell them that, meaning the production suffers elsewhere to make it happen. But compromises are going to be made one way or another, and it’s usually at the client’s expense of a sub-par project. We are here to protect the client’s interests.

We encourage clients to ask two questions, does your director edit, and for how long? And, have they ever been a cinematographer? Without knowing what you’re cutting or how to shoot it better, you shouldn’t have the responsibility of being a director. Read More: How do you learn if the Director is good?



Stagnant lighting in this stage performance would have limited the energy of talent performance visually.  This lighting package for a single day, was over $100k.