Honing a Skill Set

We spent years honing a skill set and our artistry to create the visual tones that reflect the unique identities of each of our clients. Identity is what distinguishes us from one another. People say they want to be cutting edge, and yet don’t know what it takes to create it. It takes time, trial and error, talent, and ability. It’s what lets us capture the wrinkle in the eyes, the quirk in the smile, the contours in the brow—the characteristics of identity delivered through imagery, in other words, audience entrenchment.

It’s simple, we don’t delegate, we do the jobs ourselves or have done the jobs before. And when you can do any job on set, you know the true cost to produce. Unlike most directors and producers who have never touched an edit system, or moved lighting, or operated a camera, when you have that level of experience on set, you’re not reliant on others to show where efficiencies can be found. It is a rare and powerful combination of production experience and storytelling artistry that you get from hiring people who have come up the ranks, and done the jobs for a living.

We’ve served our careers learning from the very best, in our quest to reach the same level. We have always sought to find balance where we can, to retain production value to deliver captivating, strategic visuals. We do it affordably, but never at the sacrifice of being dynamic, relevant, cutting edge or current.

Unfortunately, some clients only look at the here and now and forget how we have the ability to elevate a production. We can’t change those perspectives easily, and will always ask to be evaluated on our ability to add value. That comes from experience. Our strongest relationships are based on it. So if you want a company with foresight, experience and the understanding of how to best serve a client, we are, in our opinion, one of only a handful amongst hundreds worth talking with.