Blots of ink or light made up of Red, Green and Blue make up infinite possibilities in the realm of cutting-edge visual story. 

What is Cutting Edge

To be cutting edge you have to be able to articulate nuance.  That requires you to isolate the unique characteristics of a subject that allows it to standout. That is accomplished by knowing how to create tone, character traits and emotional connections. They’re combined into different degrees of weighted interest, esthetics, and timing, which takes artistic insight to image as well as experience to execute. It’s a new view on who, what, where and how that resonates with people.  Its what’s relevant to what’s happening today.

It is what the team at Molten Blot Productions does well.  The collaborative effort with diverse experiences, brought to the table each and every time, is the foundation.  The foundation which works to create unique visual interest for a brand by isolating their characteristics to be relevant and cutting edge among a competitive set.